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  EDGE plm  910 subscribers  486360 views  537 videos  

  EDGE plm  910 subscribers  486360 views  537 videos  

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About EDGE plm software

EDGE plm software is a privately owned Australian provider of software solutions aimed at the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. EDGE has been providing engineering design centric solutions since 2004 with over 500 customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Typical solutions from EDGE would include the provision of software, maintenance, support, consulting and training services.

The EDGE software portfolio includes CAD, CAM, FEA & PDM solutions and EDGE fully supports and offers training and mentoring services on its entire portfolio. EDGE has been a business partner of UGS/Siemens since 2004. EDGE also configures and sells Dell hardware to assist our customers maximise their software investments.

Edge PLM Software is Australia’s leading provider of Solid Edge and has been so for over ten years. We have a vital and in-depth understanding of the intricate economies in both Australia and New Zealand, which has enabled us to build a portfolio of products and services to maximize results by tailoring global solutions to local conditions.

Our product portfolio is based on the Siemens PLM Velocity Series which we then enhance with the best of breed applications such as SMAP Advanced Piping and for the process engineering sector UNITEC’s Isometrics.

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