EDGE plm software is a privately owned Australian provider of software solutions aimed at the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.

EDGE has been providing engineering design centric solutions since 2004 with over 500 customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Typical solutions from EDGE would include the provision of software, maintenance, support, consulting and training services.

The EDGE software portfolio includes CAD, CAM, FEA & PDM solutions and EDGE fully supports and offers training and mentoring services on its entire portfolio. EDGE has been a business partner of UGS/Siemens since 2004.

EDGE also configures and sells Dell hardware to assist our customers maximise their software investments.

Edge PLM Software is Australia’s leading provider of Solid Edge and has been so for over ten years. We have a vital and in-depth understanding of the intricate economies in both Australia and New Zealand, which has enabled us to build a portfolio of products and services to maximize results by tailoring global solutions to local conditions.

Our product portfolio is based on the Siemens PLM Velocity Series which we then enhance with the best of breed applications such as SMAP Advanced Piping and for the process engineering sector UNITEC’s Isometrics.

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Who Is Our Company

To deliver the best possible PLM software packages and support to help benefit businesses across Australia and New Zealand.
Our philosophy is simple, we believe in our services and we want our customers to do the same. We seek to develop long lasting partnerships with all of our clients and to keep up to date with expectations so that the services we provide are qualitative and efficient.
Our promise to you is that we offer care to our customer’s not just software. You are not only receiving a software package, you are getting the knowledge and knowhow that is required to understand and use it. We will help you every step of the way no matter where you started.
We can deliver the capabilities to allow our customers to keep ahead of the competition and to reach their goals.

Support Champions

Resolved Support Tickets 901,521
Customers Statisfaction 95%
Successful Designs 854,986
In Class Training Participants 831


“Using Solid Edge with synchronous technology I can actually do many more iterations now that I wasn’t able to do before. And because of that, the cost of the product comes down. The weight of the product comes down. The performance goes up. The warranty is a lot longer. Quality loves it. We love it. The profit margin loves it.”
John Winter , Mechanical Engineering Manager, Bird Technologies
“Siemens’ synchronous solver overcomes the order dependencies that have plagued history-based CAD programs by solving for the explicit and inferred constraints at the same time. The synchronous solver doesn’t use a history tree, but rather holds user-defined constraints in groups associated with the surfaces to which they apply…Ultimately, though, I believe this to be a transformative technology – one that represents an important inflection point in the CAD industry. If you hear someone say ‘that’s nothing new,’ don’t believe them. Synchronous technology is a big deal.”
Evan Yares, CAD Industry Analyst
“Synchronous technology breaks through the architectural barrier inherent in a history-based modeling system,” “Depending on model complexity and how far back in the history that edit occurs, users will see dramatic performance gains. A 100 times speed improvement could be a conservative estimate.”
Dr. Ken Versprille, PLM Research Director, CPDA