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EDGE plm software is a specialised provider of PLM solutions for Australian and New Zealand companies. Our portfolio of products and services have been selected carefully to ensure maximise results for our customer needs. These products include our Solid Edge 3D modelling software, a computer aided design (CAD) program. We understand the economies of scale in our region and our solutions reflect that.

Typically our customers are in either the discrete manufacturing or process engineering and our engagement with them is based on design, project and product collaboration, data management and digital creation solutions. We offer our customers a full service and support capability that includes software maintenance and update service, training, on site consulting and design, analysis and drafting overload services.

The EDGE plm portfolio provides a complete fully integrated PLM solution or the products can be used as standalone best of breed software technologies that include, CAD, CAM, FEA, Simulation, PDM, 3D viewing, collaboration and digital development software.

EDGE also provides Solid Edge (3D CAD) and Femap with NX Nastran (FEA and Simulation) software in the form of 45 day free trials including full support from EDGE to ensure maximum productivity. EDGE also extends the excellent Siemens Academic programs for Students, High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

The EDGE plm software portfolio includes:
Solid Edge - NX CAM - Femap with Nastran - Teamcenter - Inspire - Cortona

  • Siemens Solid Edge CAD
  • Siemens Femap FEA
  • TeamCenter RapidStart

Design Better With Solid Edge Software



Solid Edge: 3D CAD Engineering Design Software

Solid Edge® ST7 software from Siemens PLM Software delivers fast and flexible 3D modelling, streamlined design management, powerful new apps and an improved user experience that empower you to re-imagine what’s possible, including:

  • Faster and more flexible 3D part and assembly modelling, photo-realistic renderings and improved 2D drawing production capabilities that enable you to improve product design and get products to market ahead of your competitors
  • Expanded visual design management capabilities enable you to complete projects faster and more efficiently
  • Wider capabilities for design, manufacturing and collaboration through powerful new and expanded Solid Edge Apps that speed design through manufacturing
  • Significant user interface enhancements and easier access to leading design technology speed time-to-value for product development for all types of organizations, from start-ups to established manufacturers

Edge PLM offer superior design software that has the ability to create new ways of thinking for your design team. Solid Edge® delivers fast and flexible 3D modelling, streamlined design management, powerful new apps and an improved user experience that empower you to re-imagine what’s possible. Solid Edge provides the fastest, most flexible design experience possible while easing the growing complexity of product development.

Accelerate your 3D modelling

Faster and more flexible 3D part and assembly modelling, expanded use of synchronous technology, photo-realistic rendering and enhanced 2D drawing production capabilities enable you to design better products and get those products to market ahead of their competition. While there are hundreds of customer enhancements included in Solid Edge ST7, here are the key highlights:

  • 3D Sketch - in the part, assembly and sheet metal environments
  • Fixed length curves - for hose and cable type products that are purchased in stock lengths
  • Wider implementation of synchronous technology to areas including chamfer recognition, pattern of patterns recognition and control of offset surfaces
  • Easy and powerful photo-realistic rendering with embedded Keyshot in Classic and Premium
  • Intuitive 3D measurement giving more control over the information needed
  • Extensive, standards based hole definition
  • Comprehensive material definition system
  • Create a blank from a 3D model for forming, stamping and deep drawing
  • Faster and more flexible assembly design process including commands to:
    • Duplicate components in assemblies
    • Pattern components along a curve
    • Improved productivity for working with massive assemblies with the Component Tracker and limited update options
    • Insert reference assemblies from a higher levels of the assembly into the current level
  • Improved productivity for 2D drawing creation with:
    • Enhanced coordinate dimensions giving easier control of dimension jogging and alignment
    • Dynamic display of all drawing views during placement
    • The ability to pull a part or sub-assembly out of a higher level assembly and place drawing views of these components, enabling easier detailing of components of an assembly
  • Power up with in-house and third-party apps - giving easier and expanded integrated solutions
  • Find 3D CAD models quickly and simply
  • Faster processing and improved preference handling using Solid Edge Simulation
  • Embedded CAM capabilities with CAMWorks for Solid Edge
  • Enhanced Microsoft Surface Pro support
  • Enjoy an improved user experience
  • Easier access with a rapidly expanding user community and an enhanced academic program
  • A more intuitive user interface results in a faster learning curve

For more about Solid Edge please click HERE or go to the products tab at the top menu. For a comprehensive overview of what's new in Solid Edge click HERE

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Femap with NX Nastran



Femap: Finite Element Modeling & Postprocessing

Femap (Finite Element Modeling And Postprocessing) is an engineering analysis program by Siemens PLM Software that is used to build finite element models of complex engineering problems ("pre-processing") and view solution results ("post-processing").

It runs on Microsoft Windows and provides CAD import, modeling and meshing tools to create a finite element model, as well as postprocessing functionality that allows mechanical engineers to interpret analysis results.

The finite element method allows engineers to virtually model components, assemblies, or systems to determine behavior under a given set of boundary conditions, and is typically used in the design process to reduce costly prototyping and testing, evaluate differing designs and materials, and for structural optimization to reduce weight.

Product simulation applications include basic strength analysis, frequency and transient dynamic simulation, system-level performance evaluation and advanced response, fluid flow and multi-physics engineering analysis for simulation of functional performance.

Femap is used by engineering organizations and consultants to model complex products, systems and processes including satellites, aircraft, defense electronics, heavy construction equipment, lift cranes, marine vessels and process equipment.

What is Femap?

As an engineer, you should demand software that is not only cost effective and easy to use, but with the power to model the toughest problem.  Femap delivers just that - affordable high performance FEA modeling for the engineering desktop.  Femap is recognized as the world's leading CAD-independent Windows-native pre- and post- processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis.

Why Femap?

As a standalone simulation solution, Femap incorporates finite element modeling and analysis functionality within a modern user-interface. Supporting a full range of advanced analysis types, Femap can help you analyze parts and asesemblies, model composite materials, and review simulation results quickly and efficiently. You can even customize Femap to suit your design processes. We’ve included some of the reasons why you should consider Femap as the first choice for your engineering analysis environment below, and what some of our customers say about Femap.

Femap Usability

Femap packs in-depth finite element analysis functionality into an up-to-date user-interface and presents advanced modeling techniques in an intuitive style. You’ll find Femap quick to learn and you’ll be up and running after only two day’s training. If you are an infrequent user of simulation, you’ll be able to rapidly pick Femap up as and when you need to. Femap lets you get on with the task in hand efficiently, makes the best use of your time and boosts your productivity.

"In our work with SpaceShipOne, we selected Femap as the central processor before going to Nastran. In our opinion, it’s one of the best solutions on the market, and it’s very easy to use. We have other pre- and post-processors available, but they’re less user-friendly and less capable overall. Femap is a superior product."

-- Chris Flannigan - Quartus Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering – Quartus Engineering


For more about FEMAP please click HERE or go to the products tab at the top menu..

TeamCenter RapidStart



Siemens TeamCenter RapidStart

The Teamcenter software Rapid Start configuration delivers the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution, Teamcenter, preconfigured to utilize the most common industry best practices and the expertise of Siemens PLM Software. By choosing Teamcenter Rapid Start’s preconfigured capabilities, you can minimize the costs of consulting and maintenance, and get started with PDM quickly and cost-effectively. You can realize the immediate benefits of PDM with confidence that you have a growth path to product lifecycle management (PLM) when you need it.


Collaborate on Multi-CAD Designs, Without Using CAD

Teamcenter Rapid Start’s computer-aided design (CAD) data management and multi-CAD support enable your design teams to create, manage, visualize, validate and re-use native design data from a wide selection of CAD systems, including NX and Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software, as well as AutoCAD®, CATIA®, Inventor®, Pro/ENGINEER® and SolidWorks®. Using our JT 3D visualization standard, you can collaborate on designs even if you don’t have access to the CAD tool that authored them. By establishing a single, secure source of product data, regardless of CAD authoring tool, you have access to the information you need to make better decisions across your organization.


Manage Essential Engineering Documentation

The definition of your product doesn’t end with the CAD geometry. Teamcenter Rapid Start helps you create and manage essential engineering documentation along with the rest of your product and process data. You can easily access Teamcenter from the familiar Microsoft® Office applications you use every day to generate reports and documents.


Automate Product Development and Release Processes

With Teamcenter, you can streamline product development by automating and synchronizing processes. Teamcenter Rapid Start includes preconfigured workflows based on industry best practices to manage change, and control product release. You can even take part in review and approval processes directly from within Microsoft Office. Teamcenter Rapid Start also includes preconfigured groups and roles with appropriate access and permissions. Based on these roles, you can streamline your everyday tasks and processes.


Start Now and Grow Over Time

Teamcenter Rapid Start delivers a fully configured environment from a single installation program. Once installed, you are ready to take advantage of all the robust product data management capabilities of Teamcenter, with the flexibility to grow into additional Teamcenter PLM capabilities when you are ready.


For more about TeamCenter RapidStart please click HERE or go to the products tab at the top menu..


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