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Smap3D Plant Design and especially the product Smap3D Piping is the ideal supplement to SOLID EDGE® and XpresRoute for fast and easy production of complex 3D pipeline systems. SOLID EDGE® and Smap3D Piping, combined with the Smap3D standard parts library and Smap3D PartFinder, provide the user with an efficient and complete package for 3D pipeline planning.

XpresRoute forms the basis for the definition and production of the required pipeline routes. Smap3D Piping specialises in the automatic production of 3D pipelines, composed of multiple fittings and straight pipes for the extent of the drafted pipeline route.

Moreover, Smap3D Piping also supports the production of pipe bends or specially adapted curved pipes, besides standard curved fittings, as a basic function.

A phenomenally simple procedure:

  • In Smap3D P&ID the flow diagram of the plant process and the required pipelines is created.
  • With the To-Do list function of Smap3D Piping the defined content of the P&ID diagram is automatically evaluated and available in 3D CAD.
  • In the XpresRoute environment, routes (supported with information from P&ID) in form of connected structural line segments are drawn. With the additional functions for dimension and connections, the pipeline routes are defined by the user until the resulting assembly unit corresponds to the required route.
  • Smap3D Piping analyses the drafted 3D line segments and via logical criteria, produces the ‘pipeline paths’ automatically. In this way, a pipeline path indicates the route of a continuous pipeline from one connection to another, regardless of how many 3D line segments, connected at their end points, have been interspersed along the route. A 3D line segment branch(not connected to a line end point) always commences a new pipeline route. Pipeline paths can, of course, after their production by XpresRoute, be extended or altered. This means that 3D line segments can be added, removed or altered at any time during the process. Pipeline routes are associative to the 3D line segments drafted in Xpresroute.
  • The user’s subsequent setting of bends, tees, flanges, gaskets etc. as well as the generation of pipes is automaticallycarried out by Smap3D Piping’s functionality, saving time and providing a high level of process security.
  • Smap3D Isometric automatically generates the isometric drawing from the 3D pipeline.

The generation of insulation around a pipeline and the reduction or extension of existing pipelines is also possible.

These and further automatisms are made possible via the operation of pipe classes.

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Basics of 3D pipe system construction

Smap3D Piping works as an ‘Add-in’ in the supported CAD systems. The programme automises the construction and alteration of 3D pipe systems in 3D assembly groups; a laborious task which an engineer or pipeline planner would otherwise have to carry out in separate stages.

For internal software plausibility checks,necessary parameters (e.g. maximum and minimum pipe lengths) can be defined. An existing pipe specification is individually filed in the system. This central  definitionThe basis of this highly automised 3D pipeline construction is the use of pipe specifications. By pipe specs, we mean specification tables, in which the affiliation of components , (fittings, flanges etc) is determined by  the   unique company, department or project-specific pipe system characteristics. Further additional functions and settings control the behaviour of the software individually on its application – according to the pipe spec used.

  • facilitates the maintenance and management of the pipe specs,
  • makes a high level of automisation possible and
  • prevents individual errors on use of the application by the engineer,
  • whereby a high degree of process security is achieved.

As standard practice, Smap3D piping comprises all the necessary functions for construction, maintenance and management of the pipe spec definitions (Pipe spec editor). Pipe spec ‘samples’ are delivered with the software. These can be directly applied or copied and altered according to particular requirements.

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Benefits At A Glance

  • Take over of all P&ID definitions when “work connected” with” Smap3D P&ID.
  • Comprehensive 3D-standard parts library available.
  • Library easily extended with any components.
  • Automatic generation of complete pipe systems.
  • Flexible placement of additional components (interactive or controlled).
  • Automatic updating after alteration.
  • All tools necessary for pipe spec creation and maintenance included.
  • Automatic construction of pipeline isometries with Smap3D Isometric.
  • One single tool to construct round and non-round pipelines.
  • Automatic construction of bills of materials.
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SMAP 3D Piping & Isometrics

Smap3D Plant Design and especially the product Smap3D Piping is the ideal supplement to SOLID EDGE® and XpresRoute for fast and easy production of complex 3D pipeline systems.

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