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Publisher3D allows you to create high-quality images, 3D PDF documents and cloud-ready illustrations from your 3D models. Use your original 3D CAD data to capture 3D views then add markups and balloons before publishing.

Publisher3D provides a complete image, animation and template-based 3D PDF creation package, making it easy to create high-quality communications from 3D models. Publisher3D includes many tools necessary to effectively use 3D for the generation of highly effective communication materials. Since illustrations and storyboards are based directly on the 3D model, content can be created faster and with higher quality.

  • Import a wide-range of 3D CAD file formats
  • Wide assortment of 3D Tools
  • Create illustrations by capturing views
  • Organize illustrations into storyboards
  • Multi-publish Capabilities

Learn More About This Software:

Design Technical Illustrations

Create illustrations from 3D models. Use included tools to create exploded views, add balloons and and then publish professional graphics.

Publish to Share3D Cloud

Publish you 3D design to the cloud for instructions, catalogs and reviews. Create content using Publisher3D to effectively communicate.

Produce 3D PDF Files

Produce powerful 3D PDF documents with embedded interactive 3D. Create custom illustrations then pick a relevant 3D PDF template.

Raster, Vector, 3D PDF or Cloud Delivery

Illustrations can be published in multiple delivery formats, allowing users to benefit from a create once, publish many eliminating many barriers to delivering content to print, web and mobile devices. Publisher3D can also publish interactive template-based 3D PDF files for easy communication using interactive 3D.

Quadrispace edge plm 3d

Go Pro!

Publisher3D Professional includes all of the capabilities of the Standard product but adds features that help manage technical illustration projects typical in manufacturing companies. By directly using 3D to create technical illustrations, many tedious steps in the process can be eliminated; and since Publisher3D professional includes a complete set of 3D tools, many illustration departments can leverage 3D without the high-cost associated with maintaining expensive 3D CAD software.With Publisher3D Professional, many tasks can be automated resulting in significant time-to-market improvements. Also, when 3D CAD designs change, all illustrations can be updated automatically.

Publisher3D Professional Edition includes management and automation features:

  • Manage Design Changes – Use Publisher3D Professional’s illustration update features to automatically update entire sets of illustrations and animation keyframes when 3D designs change.
  • Manage Large Projects – With configurations, projects can be better managed because authors can work with subsets of large models simplifying the process significantly.
  • Automate Illusdtration Creation – Smart Template Technology™ allows authors to quickly create a series of 3D graphics that communicate a step-by-step process or produce a graphical parts list.

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