Solid Edge has a new partner in the 3D Printing area – 3YOURMIND. Using their plugin and online service you can upload your 3D models directly from Solid Edge, compare quotes for different materials and from different vendors, and order your parts online.

The 3YOURMIND plugin is available for Solid Edge ST7 and ST8 (and they are ready to support ST9 when it is released), you can find instructions on how to download and install the Solid Edge plugin in the attached PDF file and download the plugin from their website. Once you have the plugin installed, you are only a single button click away from taking your Solid Edge design to the 3YOURMIND portal for review and printing!

I also tried the direct interface that 3YOURMIND has for uploading a .STL file to their website. Within seconds I was presented with a list of materials, and after selecting my preferred material I had a list of 3 vendors with quotes for supplying the part in that material. You can also optimize your model for printing using the ‘Printability & Scale’ option where the scaled model is checked for wall thickness and colours are used to highlight areas that may need attention before printing in the selected material. I also found that you can easily view all your uploaded models and status of your orders.

Let us know what your experience is with using this new service – or other services you have used. And you can contact Neil Perez for more information about this new software partner for Solid Edge.

Send you parts directly to a 3D printing service using the 3YOURMIND plugin for Solid Edge

You can easily review the models you have uploaded from Solid Edge, and the status of your orders for printed parts

Please contact us if you want to see a quick presentation.