How to Perform a Multi-Attribute Vehicle Analysis with Simcenter System Analyst?

Who has never dealt with multiple models and analysis scenarios? When it comes to ensuring that parameters are consistent between the models and with the reference system variant, this is usually a tedious and error-prone task. This is also especially the case if the system variant follows several evolutions during its design cycle. In addition, creating a synthetic dashboard of the multi-attribute results and ensuring that it is up to date all along the design cycle is another task that requires rigor and clear processes.

Choosing A System Variant From The Database: Simcenter System Analyst allows to built multiple variants of a system and version and manages them in a database. Filtering all those system variants, called Technical Definitions in Simcenter System Analyst, allows querying the one that is required for carrying out the multi-attribute analysis.

Definition Of The Component Variability: It is proposed to evaluate the potential added value of replacing the current 2.0 L and 4 cylinders gasoline engine of the SUV with the new 1.5 L and 4 cylinders engine that is now in the database of the OEM. To do so, the analyst has to fill the Component variations container with the new engine component that has to be evaluated.

Definition Of The Analysis: Taskpad definition: In Simcenter System Analyst, analysis templates can be stored in a database. These templates can contain several scenarios to be run with the Technical Definitions but can also contain cascaded simulations in case complex workflows have to be done to fulfill an analysis. The Taskpads are computing one or several criteria that will be used by the analyst for judging the respective merits of the various system variants.

Definition Of The Taskpad Variability: We are at the last stage before running the simulations. The target is to define what type of batch analysis we want to carry out on the Technical Definition. The analyst can create variations over the components that were defined in the Component variations container and can also add any variations based on any parameter from the Technical Definition.

Simulation and Post-Processing: All the Taskpad runs can be now created. Like already mentioned, each Taskpad contains 5 simulations, on top of which we perform a batch of 5 system variants. This makes a total of 25 simulations o be carried out. All the simulations are started from a single simulation button. If available those can be run on a High Power Computer machine to avoid overloading your local machine.

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