Product Development Project Management with SaaS PLM

Product development project managers have a mantra: Keep things on time and under budget. Staying on schedule is vital to the product development process, so many organizations rely on project and program management tools to avoid delays. Software-as-a-service product lifecycle management (SaaS PLM) solutions with project management capabilities provide secure access to product information and tasks anywhere in the world, even for those working from home.

The Importance of Staying on Schedule for Product Development Project Management: Issues can come up at many points in the product development process. So it’s vital to have good visibility into all aspects of the process as well as the ability to take proactive action. Without those capabilities, organizations cannot hope to keep product development projects on schedule.

The Role of Project and Program Management: Project managers are responsible for well-known and essential activities that govern the product development process. These are time, tasks, and budget. Time, of course, needs no explanation. Project managers need to make sure that design teams meet key deadlines and deliver products as scheduled. Tasks are all of the plans and activities involved with the design of a product, including each component, assembly, or system. The budget is also self-explanatory. When project managers and other stakeholders can see the status of every ongoing development task at once, they can be more proactive: reallocating tasks, reassigning work, or shifting schedules to ensure that critical deadlines will be met.

Product Development Project Management and SaaS PLM: SaaS PLM solutions excel here. Their ability to onboard new participants quickly, regardless of their physical location, helps project managers better monitor and assess the status of dozens of critical tasks across the product development process. Often provided through the cloud, SaaS solutions can be easily accessed from almost any location and at any time through the use of a common web browser. This allows anyone, from anywhere around the globe, to quickly and easily participate in status updates.

On-Time, On Task Product Development: Successful project management requires juggling time, tasks, and resources. As manufacturers face increasingly constricted timelines to deliver more complex products, it is critical they have clear visibility into the status of every task and sub-task underlying product development.


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