Create and manage large assemblies without sacrificing performance

As designs become more complex, the number of parts in an assembly often grows. Solid Edge helps users quickly and easily create and manage even the largest assemblies, without lags or crashes. Create exact representations of all components—including tubes, pipes, wires, weldments and sheet metal—in a complete digital mockup that allows for more accurate design and analysis. Solid Edge helps you quickly detect and fix clash and interference issues, generate assembly instructions, and conduct customer reviews—reducing the need for costly prototypes.

Unparalleled performance for large assemblies

Solid Edge’s advanced memory management techniques allow you to easily manage assembly modeling. Quickly create, load and make updates to […]

Bottom-up and top-down modeling in context

With Solid Edge, you can design the way you want to, whether bottom-up (by assembling existing components), or top-down (starting […]

Easily manage assembly relationships

With assembly modeling tools in Solid Edge, you can easily update relationships and constraints, whether you are modifying existing parts, […]

Save time with patterning and standard parts

When building assemblies, you often need to place standard or commercially supplied parts, like nuts or bolts, and subassemblies multiple […]

Faster design of frames and weldments

Solid Edge includes process-specific applications to speed the creation of rigid frame structures and weldments. Embedded engineering process knowledge, along […]

Realistic assembly rendering and animation

Solid Edge helps bring designs to life with full photo-realistic rendering, including graphical light placement, soft shadows, and reflections. Realistic […]