Feature-Based Machining

Solid Edge manufacturing solutions provide fast and easy feature-based machining, allowing you to automatically determine the machining process for a wide range of features.

Feature based machining in Solid Edge CAM Pro uses a knowledge engine to identify and create NC machining strategies for prismatic features.Unlike other CAM systems, Solid Edge CAM Pro can be used as a complete machining kit, or as a companion for other types of machining. Additionally, the operations created are true machining operations that can be modified as needed by NC programmers.

With easy tool path generation–single, batch mode, or in the background—CAM operations are quickly updated to match new requirements.


Solid Edge CAM Pro feature-based machining

Solid Edge CAM Pro provides powerful NC programming and feature-based machining capabilities that are easy to deploy and learn.

Feature recognition

Robust feature recognition capability finds features in the topology of any model, including imported data.

Knowledge base

Powerful knowledge editor applies template processes building blocks to machine a wide range of features.

2.5 axis milling

Feature-based machining functions automate the identification and programming of slots and faces.


Feature-based machining functions automate hole making.

Feature-based Machining Author

Provides capabilities to create and modify rules-driven automation processes and feature geometry definitions.

CAD Neutral

Solid Edge CAM Pro is designed to be used independently of any specific CAD system.

It has key industry translators for data import.

Integrated with Solid Edge

Solid Edge CAM Pro is also available for integrated use with Solid Edge.