Complete and Automated Sheet Metal Design in Solid Edge

To meet unique sheet metal design challenges, like manufacturability, Solid Edge streamlines the entire sheet metal product development process, from CAD design through flat pattern and drawing development. Unlike general purpose CAD tools, Solid Edge includes sheet metal-specific features, like Emboss, Dimple, Drawn Cut, Bead, Contour Flange, Straight Brake and Etch. And with integrated applications for analysis, NC programming, and related tasks, Solid Edge helps you speed design time, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Develop Sheet Metal Models with Fewer Steps

Effortlessly create sheet metal models from 2D sketches, and work directly with geometry. With synchronous technology in Solid Edge, unlike […]

Easily Make Changes at All Stages of Design

Easily make unplanned design changes to sheet metal models while maintaining design intent. Automatically find and maintain design intent, including […]

Seamlessly Reuse Supplier and Legacy 3D Designs

Import sheet metal model files and convert them to usable parts where edits can then be made. Solid Edge recognizes […]

Save Time with Purpose-Built Capabilities

Specialized sheet metal design capabilities in Solid Edge deliver significant productivity gains compared to general-purpose CAD tools. Process-specific commands—like Lofted [&he...

Improve Quality with Built-in Design Validation

Solid Edge provides unmatched model validation to ensure manufacturability and reduce the need for physical prototypes. Solid Edge includes design […]

Quickly Create Accurate Drawings

Solid Edge streamlines sheet metal drawing creation, including bend tables, with the industry’s most productive CAD drafting system. Formed and […]

Create NC-ready Flat Patterns

Solid Edge uses an industry-standard formula to create an NC-ready flat pattern, but gives you the flexibility to define a […]