Leverage product configuration management to handle more options with less effort

Product Configuration

No matter what kind of product you make, your customers demand choices. To meet those demands, you must be able to effectively manage product configurations. This has often been thought of as a design problem, but the reality is that decisions are made about what product variants to offer long before a designer begins his work. The implications of those decisions impact people across the product lifecycle.

With product configuration inside PLM, you can meet the demand for more advanced and varied product offerings, without driving up costs. Leverage the product configuration backbone in Teamcenter® to provide a common definition of variability across the lifecycle. Take control of your product configurations – whether you deliver products with a defined set of supported variants, more complex products with an exponential number of possible variations and combinations, or engineered to order products that require new variants of parts and designs with every order.

Product configuration management provides powerful capabilities to handle more options with less effort. Read more about these features below.

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Guided Product Configuration

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