Requirements engineering drives compliant product development

Product Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering matters. Requirements define products that customers will buy, but it’s not enough to simply manage requirements. You need to engineer requirements by connecting them to the product lifecycle, so everyone makes product decisions based on the correct, configured set of requirements.

Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM) captures requirements and allocates them to various downstream functions/features/product architectures - all while generating the reports, documentation, and dashboards to manage the requirements process. You can create, view, and edit requirements directly from familiar Microsoft® Office applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel®. Teamcenter connects product requirements with program plans, and verifies and validates (V&V) requirements with the correct tests, associated evidence, history, and more.  This requirements engineering feedback loop from V&V delivers lessons-learned and drives compliance into product development so you can "start integrated, stay integrated" across the entire product lifecycle ensuring you deliver the right products to your customers.

Requirements engineering doesn't simply capture requirements ,but it connects requirements with every product decision in lifecycle. Learn more below.

Report and Specification Generation

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Requirements Capture and Authoring

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Verification and Validation

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Apply product configuration to requirements

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Requirements Allocation and Tracelinking

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Requirements change

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