Program management solutions provide planning and execution in the same system

Program Planning And Project Execution

Simple standalone products have given way to complex, multifaceted, smart products. From smartphones to medical implants, to autonomous vehicles, drone aircraft, and more, consumers are demanding increasingly complex products. These complex products require the collaboration of stakeholders from many product domains and across the product lifecycle. Lack of coordination and visibility across teams results in scheduling conflicts, resource bottlenecks, and missed delivery dates.

With program management solutions in Teamcenter®, you can develop complex products through integrated planning and execution in a single system. This integrated approach allows dependent teams across disciplines to effectively collaborate and communicate key information, ultimately shortening time to market. It also provides better visibility across projects, enabling leaders to anticipate and avoid problems rather than reacting after the fact. With program management solutions integrated with execution, you ensure you are always working toward the plan.

Program management solutions provide powerful capabilities to plan and execute in the same system. Learn more below

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