Technology Transfer and
Project Overload

Mentoring Services

EDGE Mentoring is a method of transferring knowledge and best practices from our experienced staff to our customers on a one to one basis. This enables our customers to develop specific skills or workflows for their business and industry requirements using the many software solutions that we offer Mentoring does not replace training but delivers fast, specific outcomes based on a criteria set prior to the Mentoring commencing.

Mentoring can be concluded in our offices, on our customer's premises or online using our webex collaboration system.

Project Services

EDGE Project Services are designed to assist you manage periods of high work load or skilled staff shortages. It can also provide access to design and simulation modules not available to the Customer through their normal software license. In such cases the project can be viewed as a Proof of Capability exercise allowing you to directly experience the value of software options.

EDGE Project Services utilises the extensive design and simulation experience of EDGE application engineers, as well as the technical experience of the EDGE plm reseller network and Siemens Industry Software engineers and developers.

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Mentoring or Consulting Services

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