We understand the importance of training

to the successful adoption of our products.

However no two companies training requirements are the same and often require a different or tailored approach which is why we have developed our flexible approach to training and mentoring.

Upcoming training

 Online training

Venue Location: Online

Date and Time: TBC

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We can teach you how to use all products from our portfolio.  We can run it 1 on 1 or in a small online class (max 5  students). Please let us know what topics you would like to explore and we will guide you through it. 


 Solid Edge Fundamentals Training Agenda

Solid Edge Advanced Training Agenda





Scheduled classroom style
Where the courses are predefined and con from 2 days to 4 days depending on the product and the course. The courses am held at published dates and held in Mel..., Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auddand in New Zealand.

We Offer:

Bespoke training
A company will req.... develop a specific course to be del,ered to their engineering team. The length of these courses could range from 1 day to 3 days depending on product and content. These courses would ...Hy be run at the Customers premises, using either the o.stomers computers a using the EDGE mobile training equip...

Online Training
This training is really an extension of our Mentoring services but for multiple ...dents from one company. EDGE has identified that live online training in blods of four hours is the roost effective. Often a Customer will use this type . training to ensure that their staff are using common and effective work.ws and processes.

Our training courses are created with the aim of getting participants up to speed with current industry software quickly and effectively, giving you and your company the competitive edge.

Our experienced and qualified instructors run a range of course designed to suit your exact requirements, whether this consists of scheduled classroom training at our offices, customised courses delivered at your site or one to one mentoring.

EDGE plm software offers training in all of our products including:



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